Blackberry Custard Cake

I’m seriously loving the deep purple color of this custard cake. A custard cake that started off with every intention of being a blueberry magic custard cake—I failed.

Blackberry Custard Cake | Bakers Royale

The layers aren’t distinct like with a traditional magic custard cake, but that’s because I screwed up the order of when to mix the liquids in—twice. And the second time around I ran out of blueberries, so I topped the custard cake with blackberries—even though the cake is colored and flavored with dehydrated blueberries.

Candied Lemon Tarts

If you are a lemon dessert fan, you don’t want to miss out on this easy lemon tart recipe with a shortbread crust. I made this last week for some friends and it was a huge hit, so much so that I’ve been asked to make it again.

Candied Lemon Tart | Bakers Royale

What are friends for, but to eat, laugh and have fun. Okay, so maybe we do a little more eating than we should, and especially lately since I’m pregnant. I swear those around me have gained weight along with me. But you know what that means—we all get to sweat it out together. 

Food Photography Tips for Bloggers: Part 2

Here’s the next installment on my Few Thoughts on Food Photography series. There were a lot of questions about equipment and set up in the comments, but being somewhat obsessive about this whole subject—I’m gonna backtrack a bit to share my process—which is, I usually think about composition first, then styling.

Food photography tips for food bloggers

Grab a cuppa, this is a long post about how I view composition and work from there. The next post will be on styling. From there, many of you asked for step-by-step from set-up to post processing, so I’ll cover that, then onto how to work through creative funks and points of inspiration.

Beet Crust Pizza

I’m doubling down on beets today with this beet pizza that’s made with a beet dough crust. You can’t really taste the beets in the crust, so that’s why I added sliced beets to the topping, but look at that color! It’s so perfect for spring and along with that asparagus season is here, so I threw some in with mini heirloom tomatoes, goat cheese and soft boiled eggs.

Beet Crust Pizza | Bakers Royale

I seriously love this pizza. My family—not so much. One, I can’t get Matt near goat cheese; and two my little guy gave it the “ewww” and said it looks like Barney throw-up. Fine by me, because I happily had it for dinner and lunch the next day.

Strawberry Meringue Recipe

I’m a little early for strawberry season, but who can wait when you live in California? Sure it’s not peak season, but they are still darn good. With that, I’m sharing a strawberry meringue recipe.

Strawberry Meringue | Bakers Royale

There is nothing like a good meringue and this recipe hits all the best things: crisp exterior and a chewy inside—all with a swirl of fruity sweetness.

Black and White Brownie Sandwich Cookies

I’m not sure if retooling a recipe for another post is some kind of food blogger faux pas, but I did it. I couldn’t help myself and since we’ve established that I’m not very good at rules and such, I retooled those awesome brownie cookies from Monday into today’s awesome brownie sandwich cookies.

Brownie Sandwich Cookies | Bakers Royale

Along with that, we all know my issue with boredom, so I decided to turn what was left over of the cookies into something new. Something that could sandwich my chocolate malted buttercream and vanilla malted buttercream.

Food Photography Tips for Bloggers: Part 1

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll remember a week ago I spoke about writing a few posts regarding my passion for food photography, creative blocks and the need to keep switching things up. Yes, I get easily bored. And there is nothing worse to me than when things get stagnant—and that goes for all things in life.

Coconut Mango Cake _ Smashed via Bakers Royale

It just so happens photography is my biggest passion outside of family and food. With that it plays a key role here. The other reasons for these upcoming postings about photography and creative blocks—I get a lot questions about the photography here.

Brownie Cookies Dipped in Chocolate and Pretzels

Let’s start the week off with a good chocolate cookie fix. True to it’s name, these Ultimate Brownie Cookies Cookies really are the ultimate. It’s like a chewy brownie but in cookie form—crisp around the edges and chewy at the center—my favorite texture combo.

 Brownie Cookies Dipped in Chocolate and Pretzels | Bakers Royale

And I should mention the brownie description I’m also referring to is the kind of brownie that’s moist and tender, not the heavy, fudgy kind. I had to make that distinction because people tend to like one or the other.